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The Competition and Markets Authority bolstered its oversight of Big Tech firms like Meta, Google parent Alphabet, Amazon and Apple.

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Life2vec AI model can predict various aspects of human life with unprecedented accuracy, according to a new study.

Google Security Alert for chrome browser protection.

Google Chrome has worked on a security update that allow bad actors to steal information just for the sake chrome browser protection.

social media lawsuit, social, media, lawsuit, Meta, FTC

Social media company, Meta, took a daring step by filing a lawsuit against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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Federal judge has denied Meta's attempt to stop the expansion of a $5 billion data privacy settlement from 2019 that ensured compliance.

Reddit Users. Now AI Knows Your Income!

Swop. Reddit users, listen up. From November 1st, your posts are being analyzed by AI models to predict your income and location.

Sensor-Based Chips Sensing the Future

Sensor-based chips are integrated sensors chips that detect and measure physical or chemical quantities. They can be used for healthcare.

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I OWN MY DATA (IOMD) has unveiled its new e-commerce app, Node, promising a seamless and secure e-commerce experience.