Reddit Users. Now AI Knows Your Income!

Reddit Users. Now AI Knows Your Income! Reddit Users. Now AI Knows Your Income!

Swop. Reddit users, listen up. From November 1st, your posts are being analyzed by AI models. What? How?!

85% and 62.5% accuracy!

A recent study that was conducted by researchers at ETH Zurich in Switzerland has shown that:

These AI models were able to predict users location up to 85% accuracy and their income with up to 62.5% accuracy, by just analyzing their Reddit posts.


That’s scary guys, literally the user’s privacy has been invaded. My aunt asked me about my salary, and I didn’t even give her an exact answer. Now, AI models are getting to know me better than me!!!!

All this information is being identified by the large language models (LLMS), like Chat GPT-4.

Two sides of the coin!

Some people find that the potential of the AI models exceeded the LIMIT. I totally feel and understand their worries about their personal information and how it’s being misused. On the other hand, others are optimistic about the level the AI models reached, ‘the next level’ it seems. For them it helps in detecting and preventing crimes, hence such tools benefit societies. As well as it could be used to develop new tools for social engineering attacks.

The user’s dilemma!

You are a normal user who signed in and happy with posting your personal information, neglecting or better to say for those not aware about its effects, not knowing the circumstances of posting your private data on it. Your locations, your gender, your age.

What I can say is this…

Only time will reveal how AI models will be used or misused in the coming days. Hoping that the power that AI holds can be used responsibly and in various fields.

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