AI Will Predict When You Die

AI Death

The AI Death Calculator is an online application that employs AI, predicting the exact date and time of a person’s death. How sick is this? Imagine that a person knew their death date, even though some people might not believe it, but how someone will feel about it. It’s like when the famous ‘predictors’ expect future events and the country’s crisis on New Year’s Eve and people starts panicking.

By What Means?

The AI Death Calculator provides a type of machine learning algorithm called recurrent neural network (RNN). It approximates the death dates and the causes leading. It needs data input like the date of birth, country of residence, height, weight, smoking status, family history, and existing medical conditions. Not only that, but the inputs are also being fed into an RNN model called, Long-short term memory (LTSM). It is a deep learning model that is able to retain past data to enhance its comprehension of context and patterns as time advances.  

It’s a detailed profile of the ‘victim’.

We are called the victims in such cases, victims of technology, victims of the misuse of AI and online applications. Considering not all factors are taken into consideration during the application’s development, can we, as humans, and users, really depend on a technology that has not been fully capable of deconstructing all of humanity life cycles to provide an accurate prediction?

Since experts doubt its accuracy when the person is healthy and has a healthy lifestyle, can we really consider this technology an accurate approach to determine the lifespan of a person? So, how can such application be available online and not getting shut down once there are arguments that it’s impossible to predict even with the most advanced AI.  

Oh wait, is it going to predict car accidents, heart attacks, strokes, etc.?

The official website stated that: “No, the Death Calculator cannot account for unexpected events like accidents, acts of violence, or sudden fatal diseases. It mainly considers probable death causes based on a person’s existing health conditions and risk factors.”

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