3D-Printed Mercy Killing Pods in Switzerland 

Mercy Killing Pods

Sarco is a mercy killing 3D-printed pod named by the company itself developed by Dr. Philip Nitschke, founder of Exit International. It produces nitrogen which renders the person unconscious immediately and dead in ten minutes.  

Only in Switzerland 

Euthanasia is legal in Switzerland and 1,300 people expired there, painlessly in 2020. 

Daniel Huerlimann, a legal expert and assistant professor at the University of St Gallen said, “did not constitute a medical device. This means that the pod is not covered by Swiss law.” 

So wait, what? How is the Sarco pod then available in Switzerland? So, is it legal or not there? 

Actually, but su****e is legal, provided that the action performed by the person himself/herself is the one wishing to die.  

“Euthanasia describes the situation where the person who is asking for assistance to die has someone else take the action that leads to their unnatural death (like injecting a lethal drug), and assisted suicide is when the person is prescribed drugs that they must take themselves in order to die,” stated Maxim Institute

Different Terms, Results Differ  

There are several terms given to such an action: Physician-assisted su****e, lethal injection, mercy killing, and euthanization. And each one of them may interlink in the method, the cause, and definitely the result, but they are truly set apart in the legality and terminology.  

The merciful killing requires conditions to be applied, and for every case, there is a certain way of handling it, including the health conditions, the lifestyle, mental health, and the potential abuse of such severe case affect the person in so many levels. So there are guidelines for committing merciful killing, and not based on self-interest like monetary gain.  

Some countries prohibit mercy killing for various reasons, with religion being a crucial factor in opposing the practice. The belief is that no one has the right to end their life, as it is considered a gift from God. 

On the other hand, some countries permit it but under specific conditions, including Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, and several US states like Oregon, Washington, Vermont, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, and Montana.  

The Sarco pod is planning to share the pod’s blueprints for free after receiving the approval. It brings up important questions about what’s right or wrong, and we need to talk about it carefully and thoughtfully, not making it sensational. It’s important to discuss this topic with understanding and respect for different opinions.  

Everyone, or at least half of us, has watched the movie “Me Before You.” If not, consider watching it. If you choose not to, you are likely familiar with the movie’s theme—euthanasia. The ending still pains me! 

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