Israeli Tech During The 105 Days of War

It's been 105 days since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.No sign that the war is ending soon but a sign of the drones used by Israel.

It’s been 105 days since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict began. There’s no sign that the war is going to end anytime soon but there is a sign that the tech of drones being used by Israel is more or less advanced for the time.

Drones have been used not only targeting Gaza but also targeting specific places in Lebanon as well. The average use of drones used by Israeli’s is 80-90% of the time. 12.5 billion dollars is the average amount gained by Israel from the export of arm’s and a quarter of the amount is dedicated to buying drones.

Top Drone Being Used

IAI Eitan

Known to be the largest out of all of the IAI Eitan and the most advanced in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It has a speed of 370 km/h, a length of 14 m, and can fly continuously for 36 hours. IAI Eitan has multiple roles, Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE), and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) which makes it extremely useful for strategic missions It was designed with Automatic taxi takeoff and Landing (ATOL) for several purposes such as information gathering, surveillance, and target identification.

Suicidal Drone

Spike firefly

It was used for the first time on Khan Yunis during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It was designed specifically for the infantry soldier’s use. The drone is small-scale and weighs up to 3kg in total and the warhead weigh’s 350g. Although it is small, it is extremely destructive which makes it a highly recommended option for targeted and hidden purposes.

Other Purpose’s

Skylark Drone

Under the series and spying and surveillance come’s the series of Skylark drones. It is the newest addition to Elbit’s extensive lineup of unmanned aerial vehicle’s (UAVs), which also includes Skystriker, Magni, Thor, Hermes 900, and Hermes 450. In this war, Skylark 3 was highly used. Skylark 3 is known for its weight which reaches up to 40 kg. It is always known for being able to stay in the air for 5 straight hours. The maximum altitude that it reaches is 12,000ft.

New Drone

The latest drone called Spark has been spoken about, but no information has been leaked regarding what it would do or the technicalities behind it.

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