Mental Health

Human Awareness in the Smart Age

Smart devices have been on the rise since their first appearance around 1966. However, their popularity has gone through the roof in recent years. This peak in popularity is chiefly due to the new era of connectivity and the popularity of TV shows and movies that highlight the usefulness of this technology, such as the […]

How to Build a Remote Work Culture 

In light of recent world events, we got introduced more to remote work after the world had to adapt to a pandemic. Massive names have gradually shifted to remote work, and now they set the standards for remote work across the globe, taking the phrase “this meeting could’ve been an email” to a new level. […]

The Link Between Video Games and Mental Health

The link between games and mental health is not an obvious one, but many gamers can attest to the effectiveness of some types of video games when it comes to improving or aiding in their mental health struggles. There’s nothing like spending a few hours isolated from the outside world, just you and you’re in […]