AI Neural Network to Monitor the Elderly

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Researchers have created DensePose, a deep neural network (AI) capable of utilizing Wi-Fi signals to peer through walls.

  • DensePose taps into Wi-Fi signals to digitally map human bodies based on unique reflections created by signals bouncing off people.
  • The technology is currently limited to 2D, with ongoing efforts to develop 3D predictions for human shapes.

In deep neural network news, researchers have developed DensePose, a deep neural network (AI) that can “see” through walls using Wi-Fi signals.

As we keep moving towards a tech-centric future dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), researchers are exploring AI’s capabilities to the fullest extent.

Wi-Fi signals bounce off people, creating unique reflections based on their body shape and posture. Taking advantage of that fact, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University tinkered with a deep neural network (a subcategory of AI) to digitally map human bodies based on the phase and amplitude signals emitted from Wi-Fi routers. It’s called DensePose.

Our traditional 2D and 3D computer vision tools, like cameras, LiDAR, and radar, exhibit some limitations. Cameras, for example, are dependent on light while LiDAR is susceptible to noise. Radars, for their part, have a hard time distinguishing between objects if the environment is crowded.

The study, “DensePose From WiFi,” suggests that the WiFi-based model can serve as a “ubiquitous substitute” for these methods. It provides a low-cost, widely accessible, and privacy-preserving alternative. It is, however, currently limited to 2D with 3D predictions still in development.

We, regular people, can use this technology to keep an eye on our elderly while we are away from home. But more than that, elderly care homes, specifically retirement communities, could use these to keep an eye on their residents while also respecting their independence and privacy, to a certain extent. It may not give a clear picture of the residents, but it will give enough information to determine their location.

But you and I know that there’s almost nothing sacred anymore, least of all AI. Somewhere, someone with an absurd number of ribbons on their dress uniform will ask to integrate the DensePose system into their tactics for the safety and security of their country and its citizens.

Maybe then, instead of bringing a hospital brimming with sickness, injuries, and death down with everyone inside it because of suspected terrorist activity, military forces could use this to determine the validity of the information and then act accordingly. They could even pair it with an appropriately equipped drone and solve the problem with the least amount of damage, all while sparing innocent civilians’ lives. They also have options as they make drones for every military need these days. the DensePose system could give them a digital military map of every individual within a building or house.

It’d be nice for world governments to fight without forcing us, young and old, to pay the price.

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