Sorry Can’t Make It, My Robot Will Attend the Meeting Today

The iCub 3 robot now allows you to experience a remote operation by being anywhere you have to be while you’re actually at home.

The iCub 3 robot now allows you to experience a remote operation by being anywhere you have to be while you’re actually at home using the virtual reality (VR) headset and the haptic feedback gloves.

iCub 3 humanoid robot allows the transmission of videos and sensations to the person wearing the VR set and haptic feedback gloves to a distance as far as hundreds of kilometers away. This allows people to attend work meetings and events without even travelling.

What Do You Need to Know About iCub 3

The body of the iCub 3 robot is composed of plastic with 54 points of articulation across its body. As for its measurements, it weighs 52 kilograms and is 123 centimeters tall. The eyes are two cameras, and the brain is an internet-connected computer. In addition to the cameras, the iCub 3 body is covered with sensors that transmit the data gathered to the internet connected computer or the ‘brain’ of the robot. The sensations gained are then replicated and transmitted onto the suit and gloves worn by you, the remote operator while taking on the remote operation.

Sensation and Perception

The transmission of sensations allows the operator to react to them and not see but feel. The sensations picked up by the suits sensors which instructs the robot to match them accordingly with its movements as well. Stefano Dafarra who was a member of the iCub 3 team at the Italian Institute of Technology stated that “The key is to translate every signal and bit of numeric data that can be sent through the network.”

In between the transmissions of the visual footage, Dafarra stated that there could be a lag of 100 milliseconds. In order to alleviate the lag, the operator would be required to move slower than usual.

With every new tech invention in this case the remote opeation idea, there is still a downside to it and in this case, it is the lag. On the other hand, the exciting perspective to the humanoid robot iCub 3, is that it doesn’t only transmit perception but also sensation and this is one issue that was missing from the VR world.

How about you continue to just use Zoom?

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