A Personalized Cancer Treatment Just for You

When science and machine learning technology come hand in hand together it creates new windows for saving lives with the aid of GraphNovo.

When science and machine learning technology come hand in hand together it creates new windows for saving lives. with the aid of GraphNovo. In this case machine learning and science have created personalized medical treatments for cancer patients and other major diseases.

A new program at the University of Waterloo created a new program called GraphNovo. This program provides a more detailed explanation and reasoning behind the peptide sequence that are present in cells.

Sequencing Of the Peptide and Immunotherapy

The immune system of a healthy individual can identify the peptides or foreign cells in the right manner. Irregular and foreign cells in this case are cancer cells or harmful bacteria that can lead I the destruction of the other cells. With the help of AI along with immunotherapy there will be a form of retention in identifying the dangerous cells.

The developer of the GraphNovo and Ph. D candidate Zeping Mao stated “What scientists want to do is sequence those peptides between the normal tissue and the cancerous tissue to recognize the differences.”

It comes with great challenges to sequence novel illnesses or cancer cells that haven’t been studied or examined formerly. An individual’s cancer and immune system are unique, even though scientists can use an existing peptide database to analyze diseases or organisms that have previously been studied but this wouldn’t give them the accurate results that they are striving for.

The Big Leap

The Big Leap in the accuracy of sequencing is GraphNovo. The machine learning system behind GraphNovo is enhancing the accuracy of peptide identification drastically. This is due to the fact that the gaps that weren’t being able to be filled regarding the peptide sequencing with the use of AI is happening. A drastic improvement in precision as this will most likely have a positive impact on the various medical fields, specifically cancer treatment, development of COVID-19, and Ebola vaccinations.

“If we don’t have an algorithm that’s good enough, we cannot build the treatments,” Mao mentioned. “Right now, this is all theoretical. But soon, we will be able to use it in the real world.”

The dedication to developing the cross paths of technology and health will lead to incredible advances in the pursuit of health and wellness.

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