Samsung’s Robot Adds Futuristic Cuteness to Your Home

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Samsung took the stage of CES 2024 to showcase the new and improved Ballie, the smart robot for your home.

  • The new Ballie is larger and much more technologically advanced than his predecessor.
  • It can project on various surfaces, manipulate your smart home devices, recognize people, and much more.

Four years after the initial reveal at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, Samsung showed off the new and improved Ballie, the smart robot for your home, at CES 2024.

Before I tell you about this Ballie, let me introduce you to his older brother. Now, older Ballie was no bigger than a softball, beeped, and rolled around, following its owner. The little robot acted as a fitness assistant and a housekeeper as it activated smart home devices to do what they were programmed to do. You should see the Samsung executive being playfully chased on stage by the ball. Never seen a man smile that wide. Anyway, back to the next of kin.

The 2024 Ballie, however, is in a whole different ballpark (get it? Because they look like balls? Tough crowd). This robot for home is larger than its older brother and has three wheels, so, a yellow bowling ball on a tricycle. We graduate from rolling around on the floor.

The size upgrade was needed considering it has a longer battery life and this little guy can actually act as a projector.

From what has been released so far, we know that the little ball of sunshine has:

  • Five sensor windows
  • Central rectangle housing the projector
  • Cameras on either side for stereo vision
  • Speakers

It can project onto floors, walls, or ceilings as it moves around the home. According to the promotional video, it can entertain pets, assist with workouts, maneuver smart home controls, recognize you, and project your video calls. Considering Ballie is also a part of Samsung’s “AI for All” Vision, Ballie boasts AI-powered features.

It is a commercial video meant to enhance reality. But LOOK AT HIM GO! And you can see the older version of Ballie at the end of the video.

Samsung‘s VP, Kang-il Chung, expressed confidence in the robot’s release within the year, marking the company’s foray into the competitive home robot market.

It’s probably the most adorable thing to come out of Samsung. The little guy is literally the size of a bowling ball. It’s round, yellow, compact, and more useful than my previous roommates.

All jokes aside, the concept has always been quirky and silly. But to see it made into reality fills the onlooker with a sense of child-like excitement. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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