Elon Musk's Power Play Demanding 25% of Tesla

Musk's Demand Elon Musk's Demand Power Play 25% of Tesla

Musk is threatening to build AI and robotics elsewhere if his demand isn’t met.

He currently owns 13% of Tesla, but he still needs more so that he can control all decisions concerning the company in the future.

“This is primarily about ensuring the right amount of voting influence at Tesla,” Musk wrote in one of his posts on X.

Elon Musk is hinting that he would prefer to construct AI and robotics products in a different location. On another note: “While he remains the carmaker’s biggest shareholder with an almost 13% stake, he cashed in almost $40 billion worth of shares in 2022 to help fund the Twitter deal.”

Along with concerns about Musk’s alleged drug use, Tesla is facing several difficulties with a fluctuating market value.

“What is Tesla? A car, energy, or AI company,” said Daniel Kollar, head of consultancy Intralink’s automotive and mobility practice. “If it’s not an AI company, then I don’t see an issue establishing a new company.”

“That said,” Kollar added, “I don’t see his behavior or choice of language benefiting any of his companies now.”

So, Daniel here is questioning Tesla’s identity as a company that sells cars, energy, or AI products? Then, it is not a problem if Musk is trying to create a whole new AI company especially if Tesla is not focusing on AI.

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