Samsung Tesla Collaboration, Transforming Users into Energy Wizards

Smart Home Energy

Samsung Electronics and Tesla collaboration brings smart home energy management to SmartThings users.

“We are pleased that Samsung has chosen to be an early developer, given its leading position in consumer smart home technology. Customers will be able to view the status of their grid connectivity across multiple devices and intelligently control home loads to extend their Powerwall energy when off grid.” said Drew Baglino, Senior Vice President, Powertrain and Energy Engineering at Tesla.

Home Energy Products

The integration of Tesla’s home energy products, like Powerball batteries, solar inverters, and Wall Connector charging solutions with Samsung is called a strategic kind of partnership. Users, SmartThings users particularly will enjoy the home energy management experience to the maximum since it is going to be convenient and inclusive.

“Tesla Energy’s customers can now manage and monitor the power status of their homes through SmartThings Energy and Samsung devices in addition to the Tesla app, ensuring more access and connectivity,” said Chanwoo Park, EVP and Head of IoT Development Team of Device Platform Center at Samsung Electronics. “This new collaboration is a key milestone for Samsung Electronics in making our solution more widely available beyond home appliances.”

The SmartThings users are going to benefit from this collaboration A LOT.

  1. It will now reveal information about Tesla Powerwall energy storage, electric vehicle (EV), and solar energy production whether it is charging in a single or unified platform. It’ll give users an overview of the usage of their home energy thus boosting the consumption of the energy.
  2. One of the best things about it, based on the users’ preferences SmartThings Energy’s AI features may have the chance to computerize the usage of the energy in real-time energy costs and weather conditions. When solar energy production is at its peak, SmartThings can change the thermostat settings automatically or charge the EV.
  3. SmartThings users will no longer be in trouble switching in between multiple applications to master their home energy.
  4. Saving money on energy bills is definitely a relief. By optimizing their energy consumption, it is going to be efficient and convenient for SmartThings users.
  5. The strategic partnership alleviates the dependency on fossil fuels, fostering the use of renewable energy.

Power to the User!

Giving the user the power to control their home on the tips of their fingers give the user a holistic feeling, like they’re controlling their world! Home is everything, it is comfort, shelter, and the serene. No one won’t be interested in such collaboration. A big hand for Tesla and Samsung, it is a smart move for SmartThings user!

The functionalities and the features of the collaboration change reliance on the user’s location and kit. The good news is that it’s going to be available to SmartThings users in the second quarter of 2024, specifically in April, May, or June of 2024.

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