The Evolution of Twitter To X

After he purchased Twitter, Elon Musk rebranded it as X. Icons changed, signs have gone up and down, and an old plan is Twitter rebranding.

After he purchased Twitter, Elon Musk rebranded it as X. Icons changed, signs have gone up and down, and an old plan has become the new. Is this what we call Twitter rebranding.

What Made Us Reach This Point?

It all began back in April off 2022, when we were astonished to find out that Elon Musk had purchased the highest number of shares to become the biggest shareholder at Twitter. Musk later made an unsolicited offer to purchase all of Twitter’s stock for $54.20 a share, or roughly $44 billion. Musk’s offer was accepted but when he attempted to back out of the agreement, things became strange.

After much back and forth regarding bots and text messages, Musk ultimately decided to purchase the business rather than appear in person for a deposition or Chancery Court trial. He then marched into Twitter’s headquarters with a sink.

Since then, there have been numerous layoffs, drama surrounding Substack, unpaid invoices, blue checkmarks, and yet more layoffs. Elon eventually stepped down as CEO in May 2023, appointing Linda Yaccarino, a longtime NBCUniversal ad executive, as the company’s revenue from advertisements continued to decline.

What Now?

People still call it twitter and pause for a minute and say, “oh no its X!” Let us recall the fact that when it was called twitter, we had tweets but now that its called X what do we call them? Can you feel the chaos that is going on? Speaking of what we previously called tweets, they were 140 characteristics long but now you have the option of an extension which totals up to 280 characteristics. Let us not forget the added features such as the enhanced web live streams with chat that was added to “X”.

Musks, vision for X was to create an all-in-one app. Is it really working? Many people use X to read news, but Musk extracted the fun from the application. Is it really an all-in-one app or is it more of a twitter want to be app? According to Musk, X must outperform itself, FaceTime, LinkedIn, YouTube, dating apps, and the whole banking sector in order to be successful.

Significant Events for 2023

Due to Musk’s irrational behavior X lost advertisers in 2023. In one of his “tweets” he shammed Jews, and he lost them on the platform. This is because they own a high percentage of companies that advertise on twitter.

The second most important event that made the headlines is the fact that X was down for a couple of hours.

We “Musk” bring twitter back!

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