ChatGPT: Welcome Back, Frankenstein

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This article focuses on the recent hearing in the US Congress that delved into the advancements and implications of AI technology. One of the highlights of the session was the dramatic opening, capturing the attention of the attendees. What truly sparked concern was the statement made by the CEO of OpenAI regarding the potential of AI language bots to cause harm to society.

  • This remark shed light on the growing apprehension surrounding the development and deployment of these powerful AI systems.
  • The hearing brought to the forefront the need for careful consideration and ethical guidelines to ensure that AI language bots are utilized responsibly, minimizing any negative impact on society.

In the April issue of our hard copy magazine Inside Telecom, we confronted tech’s beautifully modelled, but nonetheless fake, elephant in the room and asked that sanity should prevail in how language bots are used.

I was in half a mind not to publish because it’s pretty damning. But now, it’s rapidly becoming clear that the article was just the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg, concentrating only on the dearth of creativity and honesty. It wasn’t damning enough.

Because yesterday, US Congress was treated to a powerful opening speech by Senator Richard Blumenthal at a US hearing on AI. The speech concluded with a definitive statement from a senior representative of what is still the most powerful government in the world.

“This is not the future we want.”

Except it was not the good senator speaking.

It was our good ol’ friend ChatGPT, which had written the speech and voiced it, too.

Showmanship on the grandest political stage of all?


But it was still an demonstration of the monstrous power ChatGPT will increasingly yield when used to its potential.

The hearing in question, as you are undoubtedly aware by now, featured the CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman. In defiance of the well-worn tradition of tech representatives who’ve lobbied against government regulation, he literally begged for it. He said “My worst fears are that we…the industry…cause significant harm to the world”.

The hearing itself is indicative of what many of us are thinking and feeling. That a profound shift in society faces us with the introduction of language bots. With no sector of influence left untouched.

Undoubtedly, Hollywood will eventually treat us to numerous thrillers, dramas, romances etc. on this phenomenon. And according to the writing fraternity on the picket line at the moment, ChatGPT will write the scripts. That’s nothing short of hilarious, if you’re in an Armageddon state of mind, that is.

I can’t wait to see who they cast in the role of Frankenstein. Forget it, they can’t cast Zuckerberg, Musk or Bezos.

They’re on call for the Dracula reboot.

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