Intelligent Tech

inhuman resources

Human Resources. They must uphold company policy to create a pleasant and productive work environment. Frequently, especially in big corporations, HR has its hands full. But what if there was a chatbot to lend a helping hand? But NOT with hiring people. We all saw how that went, and suffice it to say, YIKES! With […]

Crop Treatment Accuracy

Italian-American vehicle maker CNH Industrial has acquired U.S. company Augmenta, valuing its strategic partner at $110 million, in a bid to help farmers harness technology to increase the effectiveness of crop spraying. CNH, a maker of farm machinery and construction equipment sees so-called precision technologies as a key competitive feature in its agriculture business, its […]

ChatGPT in Vehicles

General Motors Co is exploring uses for ChatGPT as part of its broader collaboration with Microsoft Corp, a company executive told Reuters. “ChatGPT is going to be in everything,” GM Vice President Scott Miller said in an interview last week. The chatbot could be used to access information on how to use vehicle features normally […]

AI Race

South Korean startup Rebellions Inc launches an artificial intelligence (AI) chip on Monday, racing to win government contracts as Seoul seeks a place for local companies in the exploding AI industry. The company’s ATOM chip is the latest Korean attempt to challenge global leader Nvidia Corp in the hardware that powers the potentially revolutionary AI […]

ChatGPT-Style Technology

The global buzz around Microsoft chatbot ChatGPT has spread to China, shoring up stocks in artificial intelligence (AI) related firms and prompting a flurry of local companies to announce rival projects. Like Microsoft and Google, Chinese tech giants such as Baidu and Alibaba as well as smaller start-ups have been working on AI projects for […]

ChatGPT's Popularity

ChatGPT, a fast-growing artificial intelligence program, has drawn praise for its ability to write answers quickly to a wide range of queries, and attracted U.S. lawmakers’ attention with questions about its impact on national security and education. ChatGPT was estimated to have reached 100 million monthly active users just two months after launch, making it […]

AI Chatbots

All innovations have been weaponized at some point in history and subsequently transformed warfare and politics. In the early 17th century, for example, French and Spanish sportspeople would attach knives to their muskets, favoring those made in Bayonne, France, when hunting dangerous games. In 1671, however, the French implemented the “bayonet” for military purposes, making […]

political AI

In the grand scheme of things, artificial intelligence (AI), as it currently is, is still a newborn, a toddler at most. However, its potential power has nations racing to achieve true AI power. As things stand, AI will be as important as many of the usual factors determining where a country sits on the geopolitical […]