A New Samsung Smartphone Feature

Samsung is setting ambitious goals for its latest flagship smartphone series, the "Galaxy S24," by incorporating a range of new AI features.

Samsung is setting ambitious goals for its latest flagship smartphone series, the “Galaxy S24,” by incorporating a range of new AI features. This strategic move follows the company’s loss of the title of the world’s best mobile company to Apple in 2023. In an effort to regain the lead, Samsung is integrating artificial intelligence to significantly boost sales of its flagship phones.

The new Galaxy S24 devices come equipped with innovative features, including a compact voice and text translation for calls and a unique search tool leveraging Google’s advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. These additions aim to enhance user experience and set Samsung apart in the competitive smartphone market.

President and Head of the Mobile Experience at Samsung, TM Roh, highlighted the importance of collaboration with partners to further innovation in the mobile industry. Samsung has a history of working closely with Microsoft and supporting OpenAI. In a notable partnership with Google, Samsung aims to streamline competition with Apple’s AirDrop by unifying around the “Android Quick Share” feature.

Recognizing the value of AI and machine learning technologies, Samsung gathered user feedback in 2023 to create new AI features in response to the increasing demand for high-end mobile services. The race to provide more sophisticated AI services directly on smartphones has quickened with the release of tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Beyond just creating new smartphones, Samsung also plans to add AI capabilities to some of its older Galaxy S series models in the first half of this year. Motivated by double-digit growth in 2023 between its S22 and S23 generations, Samsung is certain that it will continue on the same path.

Samsung believes that the excitement around AI will propel a rebound in the global smartphone market in 2024, despite the recent downturn. According to TM Roh, worldwide smartphone shipments will increase by 5% to 6% this year. With its new AI-enabled devices, Samsung hopes to surpass this consensus.

TM Roh hopes that the Galaxy S24 will help to revive the global mobile industry, seeing it as only the start of a new era in mainstream AI technologies. By emphasizing innovative features and user experience, Samsung is putting itself at the forefront of the rapidly changing smartphone market.

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