Musk Gives AI Summit Rock Star Veneer

This morning, it was announced that Elon Musk, owner of X (formerly blah blah blah) and founder of etc. etc. etc., will be attending the AI Summit at Bletchley Park.

Or rather, may attend the AI Safety Summit.

So actually, the world’s most talked-about human being doesn’t have to attend. We can just pretend he’s coming, and he’s already the AI summit celebrity. And Rishi Sunak can assume he’s stolen a march on the world’s 8769th most talked-about human being, Mr. Whatsisname. Sorry, that’s being petty. Joe Biden is at least in the top 8000 people of whom we like to make fun.

Why is this happening? Because Ol’ Joe forgot about America’s ‘special relationship’ with Great Britain. He announced sweeping regulations to protect workers and citizens from AI-related threats. Two days before Rishi Sunak’s desperate attempt at holding on to power by hosting his own summit. A summit to create regulations to protect workers and citizens from AI-related threats. Which the Chinese, the biggest and most relevant stakeholders, won’t attend.

So, on one side of the pond we have a Prime Minister who’ll (come election time) be held responsible for the incalculable mess Britain has become because of non-accountability from the Conservative Party since David Cameron. And on the other side, the Democratic Party will to do anything to prevent a convicted criminal from reassuming the presidency.

Hmmm, thinks Mr. Sunak. How do we steal back the spotlight?

Ah yes, let’s invite that awful South African chap to our summit. He can give our AI summit celebrity razzmatazz. Then let the world know he may attend. That way, whatever Biden has said will be marginalised by a wave of media frenzy about our little shindig.

Downing Street 1, White House 0

Well done, Rishi. Whether Musk comes or not, you’ve managed to pull the global focus back to Bletchley Park and the UK as the conscience of the future.

Excuse me, but I thought the focus was supposed to be the protection of citizens, not the promotion of politicians.  

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