Oxford and Cambridge Turn to AI for Teaching

The two most iconic education institutions in the world, in fact the 24 leading UK universities that make up the Russell Group, are to install generative AI as a learning tool.

They’ve recognised the power of tools such as ChatGPT to assist in research and now endorse, within ethical boundaries, their use in lecture halls across the UK.

In a statement released on their website on July 4th, the Russell Group outlined five key principles. These ‘recognise the risks and opportunities of generative AI…to helping staff and students become leaders in an increasing AI-enabled world’.

  1. Universities will support students and staff to become AI-literate.
  1. Equip staff to support students to use generative AI tools effectively and appropriately in their learning experience.
  2. Universities will adapt teaching and assessment to incorporate the ethical use of generative AI and support equal access.
  3. Universities will ensure academic rigour and integrity is upheld.
  4. Universities will work collaboratively to share best practice as the technology and its application in education evolves.

Key to the endorsement of AI were all 24 Vice Chancellors’ commitment to the traditional education pillars, namely problem-solving and critical reasoning, rather than knowledge recall. This will minimise cheating, as will microscopic checking.

Real World Readiness

Students need real world readiness – it’s the most important ROI for all the years and fees spent on tuition. And in a very short space of time, the most ubiquitous tool in all sectors of society will be AI.

Chief Executive of the Russell Group Dr Tim Bradshaw says: “The risks and rewards of this technology are changing constantly. It’s in everyone’s interests that AI choices in education are taken on the basis of clearly understood values”.

So it seems AI in 24 leading UK universities is laying down a positive marker to the world.

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