Aladdin.Life – World’s first telecom marketplace in the UAE

Aladdin.Life - World-first telecom marketplace in UAE

Aladdin.Life has recently launched the beta version of the world’s first telecom marketplace app in the UAE, combing search, marketplace, and customer community that will aid uses in discovering, comparing and making informed decisions about broadband, mobile and home services.

Aladdin.Life users will have the ability to connect to a marketplace and will also be able to share and rate their experiences on an AI-powered customer community. Moreover, authorized resellers such as physical retailers will also be able to plug into the marketplace and benefit from online customer traffic.

Research conducted by Aladdin.Life has shown that only 20% of UAE customers are convinced that they are subscribed to a plan that suits their needs. While on the other hand, a significant 70% believe they can save significantly more by moving to a better plan. A similar 70% of users also have not switched to their most optimal plan because they are unaware of the plans available or anticipate troubles when switching packages or providers. This research is consistent with global findings in the telecom industry. Users worldwide face difficulties browsing and finding the right plan, and find it hard to keep up with frequent price changes and promotions.

Aladdin.Life plans on tackling these challenges through innovative solutions that are aimed at promoting transparency, convenience and choice. The ‘Genie’ search, aids existing customers in maximizing the value of their current spend or in increasing their savings. This is done by matching customer’s basic usage pattern with hundreds of price plans offered by UAE operators. Another feature is ‘Bazaar’ a special online marketplace filled with online and online-to-offline shopping. It is host to the UAE’s largest collection of mobile plans with SIMS and devices, and has up to 1000+ mobile price plans and over 1500+ device instalment plans offered by all UAE operators.

Subhra Das, Founder & CEO of Aladdin.Life said, “A vast majority of mobile consumers in the UAE think they are not on the right plan, and that the packages they have do not match their needs and budgets. The situation has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. We help customers particularly in this crisis period in ways that saves them time, effort and money. “ He added: “We are waking up to a new hyper-digital future where we anticipate customers moving from conspicuous to more conscious consumption habits. We are facilitating this transition by introducing a “Customer First” platform designed for Customers to be in charge. “