After 14 Years, iPad Calculator App Enters the Scene

After 14 years, Apple released its Apple calculator on iPads with the use of their Apple pen at its Worldwide Developers Conference.

After 14 years, Apple released its Apple calculator on iPads with the use of their Apple pen at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024.

The Big Tech giant announced the addition of a dedicated Calculator app to iPadOS 18, fulfilling a long-standing user request, following the inclusion of a Weather app in iPadOS 16, another step towards enhancing the iPad’s utility apps in line with user expectations.

New Calculator App Features

Mirroring its counterpart on iOS, the new Calculator app maintains a familiar user interface but introduces support for the Apple Pencil. This integration allows users to write out math problems directly on their iPad, which the app can solve using a feature known as Math Notes.

The newly added capability is poised to enhance the functionality of the app, particularly for educational purposes and professional settings where quick calculations are frequent.

Smart Script and Other Enhancements

Alongside the Calculator app, iPadOS 18 brings an array of new features aimed at improving user experience.

One notable addition is Smart Script, designed to enhance the legibility of handwritten inputs, complementing the Apple Pencil’s functionality across the system, providing users with a more seamless writing and note-taking experience.

The anticipation surrounding the Calculator app’s arrival on the iPad had been building since rumors earlier in the year hinted at its development. The confirmation at WWDC 2024 was met with enthusiasm, as the utility has been a highly requested feature from iPad users for years.

Continued Expansion of iPad Capabilities

With each update, Apple continues to refine and expand the capabilities of its iPad lineup, ensuring that its software evolves in step with the sophisticated hardware of its tablets. The inclusion of basic but essential apps like Calculator and Weather aligns the iPad more closely with everyday needs, further cementing its position as a versatile tool for both productivity and personal use.

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