Apple Seeks to Use Media Institutions’ Archives to Train AI

Apple is negotiating with large companies that publish news content to obtain a license to use their archives for Apple's AI training for generative models.

Apple has started negotiations with several large companies that publish media content and news to obtain a license to use their archives for Apple’s AI training for generative models.

The iPhone parent is discussing the idea of a long-term partnership worth 59 million dollars with major news publishing companies such as NBC News, IAC, and Conde Nast, according to The New York Times.

Reactions from publishing companies varied, with some fearing any legal liability that may arise from Apple’s use of their news content, as well as “the company’s ambiguity about the use of generative AI in the news field.”

However, at the same time, some managers viewed this step as a positive indicator regarding the beneficial outcomes that may result from their institutions partnering with Apple.

News Services Supply

Apple is not the only company seeking to deploy generative AI and business-developed models to provide news services. Days ago, OpenAI announced its partnership with Axel Springer, owner of Business Insider, Politico Magazine, and the Associated Press (AP) agency, for its Apple AI training, mainly ChatGPT, on content provided through the company’s platforms.

Google also announced earlier in July its collaboration with several publishers in the news field and discussed the matter with officials from The Washington Post, The New York Times, and News Corp, owner of The Wall Street Journal.

It was also noted that the primary goal is to facilitate the accurate generation of news content at high speed, based on the information provided by the press to the model. It was confirmed that the software tool is not qualified to replace the role played by journalists in terms of generating, writing, and validating their topics.

The Grok chatbot, developed by xAI, owned by tech billionaire Elon Musk, is one of the competitors in the AI news services arena.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Grok is considered one of the best generative AI platforms, as it is capable of answering questions related to real-time events. This capability is attributed to Musk supporting the AI chat platform with updated information in real-time from the tweets of his social media platform X. This information is sourced from well-known media accounts.

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