Google Considers Replacing Employees with AI

Google is considering replacing some of its employees with AI, paving the way for the new norm for the company, the Google AI jobs.

Google is considering replacing some of its employees with artificial intelligence, paving the way for the new norm for the company, the Google AI jobs.

Now, artificial intelligence has the potential to replace many jobs in various fields, such as healthcare, transportation, and financial services. The search engine parent is looking at moving or laying off sales team members whose jobs have been automated with AI.

It is unclear yet how many employees may be affected by the decision, but it is a clear sign of the new era of AI-powered advertising, initiated by Google earlier this year.

The Big Tech giant has described this type of advertising as a way to enhance the experiences of Google advertisers, including the provision of customized campaigns for each advertiser.

Google has about 30,000 employees in its advertising department, half of whom sell advertisements for certain Google advertising services. These services, such as YouTube, search, Gmail, and Maps, are becoming less reliant on human sales due to the increasing use of AI by advertisers.

Advertising is a significant part of the giant’s revenue, and replacing employees with AI could potentially increase Google’s profits in the long run by reducing costs.

Many jobs in the sales division have become redundant because Google has introduced new AI-powered tools that can automatically generate ads for customers, requiring little human intervention.

It is important to be mindful of the fact that advertising jobs are not the only ones at risk of being replaced by AI. As AI continues to develop, it is possible that other positions traditionally held by humans could also be at risk.

Facilitating Job Replacement

A report issued by Hostinger web hosting earlier this year found that AI has the capability to replace various jobs in sectors such as healthcare, transportation, financial services, and others. Hostinger Global discovered that healthcare and administrative functions in hospitals might be among the first positions to be replaced by AI.

AI has also contributed to the creation of new job opportunities that weren’t available before. This includes roles such as mentor engineers, who generate claims for large language models, and AI trainers and validators.

Earlier this year, Google laid off about 12,000 employees, marking it as the largest layoff in the company’s history.

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