Apple’s 12.2.1 MacBook Update Fixes Bluetooth Bug

 In its latest iOS update on Thursday, Apple fixated its attention on the battery drain issue targeting some Mac users since macOS 12.2 update. 

The Big Tech giants revealed its latest version, 12.2.1. contains critical fixes for “an issue for Intel-based Mac computers that may cause the battery to drain during sleep when connected to Bluetooth peripherals.” 

 Various MacBook users have already expressed their discontent with their device’s battery life, saying it would drain out while their Mac is in sleep mode, with being completely drained overnights.

The evidence shows that the main reason leading to the drainage is Bluetooth, with some users stating that even if they turned off their Bluetooth settings, the problem remained, which perplexed the situation more to some users.

According to the iPhone parent, it has worked on an issue related to the Bluetooth issue. This comes with the release of updates for iOS, iPadOS, and watch OS this Thursday. Any user with an iPhone or iPad is recommended to update to 15.3.1. as soon as possible. 

Apple’s security page revealed that it has also fixed a bug that should be fixed; otherwise, it would leave the device exposed to potential infiltration. Apple Track says that the latest update will also fix a bug with a “braille-related accessibility feature. Watch OS 8.4.2. appears to be relatively minor, with Apple not listing any security updates,” according to The Verge.

For the update on your MacBook, access System Preferences, followed by Software Update. After the refreshing, you will receive that the 12.2.1 update is ready to be run and installed by choosing the “Update Now” option.