Fotis Karonis

As Group Leader of 5G and Edge Computing at Capgemini, Fotis Karonis works with different industry verticals and communications service providers on their digital transformation journey, leveraging 5G as a catalyst of change. He is responsible for driving a cutting-edge 5G end-to-end system integration offer at the Group, which involves strategic planning, open 5G networks infrastructure, and edge cloud platforms, for the delivery of innovative 5G-driven use cases for organizations, enabled by Capgemini’s global highly skilled taskforce, unique engineering capabilities, best-in-class 5G partner eco-system, and state-of-the-art 5G labs across the globe. Prior to joining Capgemini, Fotis Karonis was the Chief Technology & Information Officer and 5G Executive Lead at BT Enterprise, leading the delivery of its 5G program and enabling 5G-driven digital transformation across sectors, such as intelligent manufacturing, healthcare, transport & logistics, etc. As Chief Technology Officer at EE, the UK’s largest Mobile operator, he led EE to be the first to launch its 5G network in the UK in 2012 and amongst the first globally. He was also awarded Mobile Europe’s CTO of the Year in 2015.

It’s time for telcos to step up as drivers of industrial 5G

Industrial 5G is set to be a catalyst for unlocking the potential of intelligent industry and accelerating data-driven digital transformation. However, most organizations are yet to realize its true potential. A variety of challenges await industrial organizations as they navigate their 5G roadmaps, and now is the time for telcos to step in and aid […]