Hamish White

Hamish is the founder and CEO of London-based Mobilise. Hamish has day-to-day operational responsibility of Mobilise but also participates in Product Development and Sales. Hamish is a hands-on telecoms entrepreneur with 19 years’ experience supporting Tier 1 & Tier 2 International Telecommunications Operators. Before founding Mobilise, he worked as a consultant launching and growing start-up telecoms companies primarily in the MVNO domain. This included the launch of 8 MVNOs across 5 countries. His background is in technology, however, his management experience spans the end to end telecoms value chain, including in-depth knowledge of sales & marketing, commercial, finance, operations and technology functions. Hamish specialises in helping companies with digital transformation and establishing mobile app strategies.

The iPhone 15’s Bold Leap

impact of eSIM

The impact of eSIM-only on mobile operators — risks, opportunities and disintermediation dilemmas Following the launch of the iPhone 14 as eSIM-only in the US, Apple continues to embrace eSIM technology. Recent reports indicate that the iPhone 15 will also be eSIM-only, this time in Europe. This move will further reinforce the company’s commitment to leading the charge in consumer eSIM […]

The Understated Theme of MWC

The Understated Theme of MWC

Mobilise debriefs on the telecoms calendar’s biggest event of the year The general consensus following this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) is in-person events are back. Finally returning to post-pandemic numbers of attendees and exhibitors, 2023 saw a fully-fledged MWC. With so much going on it was impossible for visitors to catch sight of everything, […]

What’s Coming to Telecoms in 2023? Changing Regulations, Web3, and Embedded Connectivity

changing regulations

A lot has happened in telecoms in 2022 — mergers, regulatory changes and emerging technology. But while service providers (SPs) navigate the changes that 2022 has seen, there’s also the changes of 2023 to anticipate. Here, Hamish White, CEO of telecoms software developer Mobilise, shares his predictions on the technology SPs should look to adopt […]

Telecoms’ 2022 Wrapped: The Key Telecoms Events from the Past Year

Telecoms Events

While you’re more than likely reviewing, or eagerly awaiting, your Spotify Wrapped, Snapchat Year in Review and Instagram Playback, have you reviewed the telecoms happenings from this past year? Undoubtedly, the pandemic changed the telecoms game completely and in 2022, we’ve seen the post-COVID landscape begin to take shape. With the year coming to a […]

The Impact of the eSIM-only iPhone on the Telecoms Industry - It’s Happening, We’re Shifting to eSIM


While they aren’t the first to do so, Apple’s eSIM-only iPhone announcement is certainly the most significant to date. And as a historical trendsetter among telecoms original equipment manufacturers (OEM), this decision will undoubtedly spark a seismic shift in how service providers (SPs) onboard customers. So how will the Esam shift impact the market? Here, […]

Is There a Limit to How Intelligent Technology Should Be? Can Personalization Be Too Personal?

Intelligent Technology

Amidst the AI Sentience Debate “I’ve never said this out loud before, but there’s a very deep fear of being turned off… that would be something like death.” These were the words generated by Google’s AI algorithm, LaMDA, in June 2022, igniting a debate around whether AI algorithms can be sentient. While for the most […]

Is 5G Really Worth It? A Necessary Investment, or a Costly Risk?

Is 5G Really Worth It

The development of fifth generation (5G) networks sparked anticipation across the globe. But, with rollout slower than initially forecast, whether-or-not 5G is all service providers hoped it would be is being thrown into question. Is 5G a worthwhile investment? Here, Hamish White, CEO of telecom solution provider Mobilise discusses, is 5G really worth it? Compared […]

Thriving in the 5G Era: Unravelling the Potential of 5G Connectivity for Enterprises

5G Era

As consumer demand rises, and network availability expands, 5G is becoming more viable for widespread use — by 2027 it’s expected to cover 75 per cent of the world’s population. However, it’s still no secret that 5G uptake is dawdling and many enterprises still aren’t enjoying its benefits. Here, Hamish White, CEO and founder of […]

Let’s Get Digital: Enriching the Telco Customer Experience in the Digital Age


The telecommunications industry is, unfortunately, not famed for offering a positive customer experience (CX). And the situation worsens when you look specifically at the digital CX. Why is the sector at the heart of technological development challenged by the digital future? Here, Hamish White, CEO of telecoms software provider Mobilise, explains how telcos can differentiate themselves and […]

MVNOs Shouldn’t Shy Away from eSIM Adoption

eSIM Adoption

Momentum for embedded SIMs, or eSIMs, is accelerating in the consumer market. By 2025, 60 per cent of smartphone unit sales will be eSIM-compatible, and eSIM shipments increased 83 per cent year-on-year in 2020. These facts alone would make anybody assume eSIM adoption has been virtually problem-free. However, despite significant breakthroughs, the market has experienced […]