Mohamad Hashisho


The Big Orange, Formerly Known as the Big Apple

The aftermath of devastating wildfires in Canada has cast a veiled influence on the air quality, bringing forth concerns and highlighting the interconnectedness of our environment. As plumes of smoke from these distant fires traversed great distances, the air of the Big Apple was tinged with a hint of uncertainty. New York’s air has been […]

iPad iOS 17 and Google Docs Integration: The Perfect Couple? 

In an era defined by teamwork and connectivity, the partnership between iPad’s iOS 17 and Google Docs emerges as a game-changer for collaborative productivity. This powerful integration combines the versatility of the iPad with the collaborative prowess of Google Docs, revolutionizing the way individuals, students, and professionals collaborate and create. By seamlessly merging these two […]

Nokia Reinvents Itself Again

Nokia is timeless. This sentence echoes true with the re-release of the Nokia 2660 Flip. The same old trusty Finnish components coated with a younger, fresh exterior and colors. What makes this phone special? Let’s find out.  A Fusion of Elegance and Cutting-Edge Features:  The Nokia 2660 Flip has struck the perfect balance between elegance […]

Optimizing Your Trips with Google Maps

Planning a road trip involves more than just getting from point A to point B. With the help of Google Maps, you can optimize multiple stops along your route, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable journey. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of leveraging Google Maps to streamline your road trip, saving time, […]

An Unreal Innovation to Home Buying and Selling

Unreal Estate, a company at the forefront of real estate innovation. Is transforming the traditional home buying and selling process through artificial intelligence (AI). With its technology and forward-thinking approach. Unreal Estate is offering a seamless, efficient, and highly personalized journey for both buyers and sellers.  Unleashing the Potential of AI:  Firstly, unreal Estate harnesses […]

Get Resilient and Let Your Workforce Reflect It 

Cultivating a resilient workforce culture is a strategic imperative for companies seeking to survive and thrive in challenging environments. A resilient workforce can prepare your employees to face many challenges. The recent pandemic highlighted the importance of resilience. The current state of the economic world enhances individual resilience and allows them to navigate the challenges […]

Tech Toys for Millionaires 

Welcome to the realm of the fabulously rich, where mere mortals dare to dream but only billionaires can play. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey through a world of excess, extravagance, and jaw-dropping price tags. It’s time to discover the most outrageously expensive items and tech toys that only the privileged few can […]

Apple Controlling the Innovation Narrative as Usual

Apple has long been known for its iterative approach to product development, continuously refining and enhancing its devices with each new iteration. As the highly anticipated iPhone 15 Pro Max is on the horizon, how will this approach influence its sales in the fiercely competitive smartphone market?  The Iterative Approach: Building on Success  Apple’s iterative […]

UK Finds a New Passage to India

India’s tech market has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years. Presenting many opportunities for UK companies looking to expand their global footprint. With a thriving economy, a burgeoning middle class, and a robust digital infrastructure. India has emerged as a hotbed of tech innovation and entrepreneurship. This article explores the avenues for UK companies to […]