The Big Orange, Formerly Known as the Big Apple

Air quality in New York City

The aftermath of devastating wildfires in Canada has cast a veiled influence on the air quality, bringing forth concerns and highlighting the interconnectedness of our environment. As plumes of smoke from these distant fires traversed great distances, the air of the Big Apple was tinged with a hint of uncertainty. New York’s air has been affected by the ramifications of the Canadian wildfires on the city’s atmospheric composition. 

The recent Canadian wildfires have cast a somber glow south, leaving their mark on the city’s atmosphere. As a result, New Yorkers have experienced hazy skies and a decline in air quality, prompting health advisories and concerns. Efforts are underway to monitor and assess the impact of this transboundary pollution, while residents are urged to take necessary precautions. The interconnection of environmental events emphasizes the global nature of air quality challenges and the need for collaborative solutions to protect the air we breathe. 

If only there was a product that helped you purify the air as you’re breathing it.  

Dyson’s latest product, the Zone, dropped to mixed reviews. It seemed like an overpriced headset with a gimmick. But the current state of New York’s air has presented a chance to test this gimmick and check what’s it all about.  

Does the Dyson protect you from wildfire smoke? Can this headset help struggling New Yorkers? 

Dyson never claimed it can help with wildfire smoke, but it did claim to block particles as small as 0.1 microns. So technically it should be able to block whatever is floating in the air in New York, but it doesn’t feel like it. The plastic visor does not even do a good job of sealing your nose and mouth. 

To keep it short, the Dyson did seem like a gimmick before; after the current crisis, it has dug itself deeper into this hole. It is safe to say that the air purifier will not be the savior for the people roaming the streets of the big apple. Maximum efforts should be applied to find a solution and help New Yorkers breathe. For now, all we can hope for is the safety of everyone. 

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