Big Tech Bets on AI-Powered Robots

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Tech leaders believe that AI-powered robots are the answer to the global labor shortage, which has led to a rise in investment and implementation.

Tech’s Best Investment Yet?

Tech giants like Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, and Nvidia are investing billions in developing AI-powered robots. The bipedal machines are currently working in warehouses. However, tech companies see their potential in homes and office spaces.

Tesla, following Elon Musk’s belief that AI-powered robots are the future, has been working on its Tesla Bot, also known as Optimus. The general-purpose robotic humanoid is equipped with actuators and sensors, fast and capable hands, and an articulated neck. We’ve seen it sort blocks by color, locate its limb in space, and hold a yoga pose.

Musk believes that Optimus’ impact will far exceed the company’s electric vehicles, catapulting the company to a $25 trillion market cap.

A Bright Future for AI-Powered Robots

The investment banking and financial services company, Goldman Sachs, estimates that, over the next two decades, the market for these machines will reach a staggering $38 billion. According to the firm, we will become as dependent on them as we’ve become on smartphones and electric vehicles. These robots are projected to be critical in manufacturing and hazardous work environments. They could also address labor shortages in elderly care and factories.

This optimism comes from all the advancements we’ve witnessed in AI so far. The likes of ChatGPT allow AI-powered robots to understand language and execute commands. At some point, they might even begin making decisions using logic eerily similar to ours. Their computer sensors can also help train for real-world scenarios so they can hone their practical skills before deployment.

Labor of the Heart? More Like of the Code

Goldman Sachs also estimates a current shortfall of 500,000 workers in the sector, with a potential to grow to 2 million by 2030. The tech sector believes that AI-powered robots are best suited for monotonous and hazardous tasks, which, due to their nature, are unattractive to human workers. A robot can be spared, but a human life cannot.

However, these advanced machines come with hefty price tags and safety concerns about their integration into factories.

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