Amazon Under EU Questioning 

The European Commission has issued a directions to Amazon, requiring it to demonstrate its adherence to the Digital Services Act (DSA). 

The European Commission has issued a directions to Amazon, requiring it to demonstrate its adherence to the Digital Services Act (DSA). 

According to Reuters, directions to Amazon has no later than July 26 of this year to provide the EU Commission with all the information related to the actions it has taken to comply with the Union’s legislation. 

By request, the Commission aims to gather detailed information on how the giant is abiding by the requirements of the DSA, with a focus on transparency in its recommendations systems. 

Targeting Harmful Content 

On February,17 of this year, the DSA was issued to modernize the legalization of digital frameworks provided by companies, with the most prominent ones being the industry’s Big Tech giants, with the EU labeling them as the Act’s gatekeepers. 

The whole goal is to mandate tech companies, and online platforms, to abide by harsh requirements set by the DSA, leading to the implementation of even stronger measures to tackle illegal or harmful content. 

In a response to the EU’s request, an Amazon spokesperson told Reuters that the company is “reviewing this request and working closely with the European Commission. Amazon shares the goal of the European Commission to create a safe, predictable and trusted shopping environment.”  

Tech Giants Adapting 

During this year, many tech companies have made significant modifications within their operations in a way that abides by the DSA’s requirements. 

Back in June, Microsoft’s LinkedIn decided to discontinue a tool that used sensitive data for customized advertisement, with the decision endorsed by regulatory scrutiny. 

In April, ByteDance’s TikTok was forced to stop its rewards program on TikTok Lite after the EU deemed it addictive for children, resulting in a threat of a temporary ban of the platforms. 

Commenting on the TikTok program the EU Internal Markets Commissioner, Thierry Breton, said, “Our children are not guinea pigs for social media”, highlighting that the safety of children is a priority. 

While directions to Amazon, alongside other Big Tech companies, are showing us on the surface that they are doing all it takes to minimize the damage done by their technologies, and their willingness to comply with the DSA, the EU, however, continues to push for a more scrutinizing approach against the giant’s conduct.  

On the outside looking in, the EU continues to enforce and push these companies to comply with both of its Digital Service and Market Acts, to govern the tech giant’s conduct on European territory.   

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