YouTube’s AI Tool to Create Your Own Radio Station 

YouTube is exploring a new AI feature enabling users to create their own radio stations based on text prompts.

YouTube is exploring a new AI feature enabling users to create their own radio stations based on text prompts. 

This new experimental tool is set to make a significant change in the way users interact with music streaming services. In the past, users had only the ability to create radio stations by choosing a specific song or artist. Then, the app, with algorithms, would suggest similar tracks. 

Your Music, Your Way 

With the new AI feature, users can describe the type of music they want to listen to. The AI tool will also create a personalized radio station based on their preferences, making it much easier for them to find and enjoy music. 

The music streaming company has not yet given a specific name to this newly discovered tool and labeled it as ‘experimental’. In fact, the feature was uncovered by a Reddit user who took screenshots of it, showing a message requiring users to “Ask for music any way you like.” 

Other than creating a customized radio station, the feature and based on the description provided by users, can add a title to the station and recommend other music genres at the bottom. 

The More, The Merrier 

Conversely, it is worth noting that this feature is not the first of its kind on the market, since many other companies like Spotify and Amazon have already introduced similar ones. For instance, Spotify has a feature called Personalized Playlist, while Amazon has Maestro. 

It is yet unclear how this new AI feature will operate, whether as a secondary filter to the already existing radio station or if it will be launched separately. Additionally, the company did not specify who would have access to it, premium ones or all users. 

Covering All Their Bases 

On a related note, an earlier report mentioned that the Google-owned video site is having discussions with big record labels to get the right to use their songs in the development of its upcoming AI tools. This move aims to enhance YouTube’s capabilities and expand its user base while avoiding being sued for misuse or illegal use of content. 

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