ChatGPT: Technology’s First Major Tipping Point Since 1941?

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In this article, we explore the remarkable productivity benefits offered by ChatGPT. This revolutionary tool has transformed coding processes, enabling users to complete tasks in a fraction of the time. Discover how ChatGPT’s efficiency and time-saving capabilities are reshaping the way we work and unlocking new levels of productivity.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who is currently busy transitioning radio stations into cloud computing operations. He was raving about the wonders of ChatGPT. The amount of time this app saves him equates to seven and a half hours out of every eight. He uses ChatGPT to write code, a process that would normally take him four highly frustrating hours. It now takes around ninety seconds.

Ninety seconds?!

When was the last time in history that a complex action was first completed hundreds of times faster than human endeavor could manage? 

1941, to be precise, when Alan Turing invented The Bombe, breaking the communications code used by German submarines for attack signals in the North Sea. This invention almost certainly saved the lives of around 14 million people by shortening the Second World War by two years. It also accelerated human technological progress by heralding the arrival of what became known as the computer.

The ChatGPT productivity benefits, and all the language bots that follow, represent another such giant leap forward. The leap in productivity that he’s now experiencing will create prosperity at a pace unimaginable before this tool arrived.

So, lest you think some of our articles in this edition are mounting a rampage against this technology, you’re mistaken. We simply believe that a cautionary tale or two is needed concerning not the technology, but the human behavior of cheating. This seems to be increasingly baked into our personalities as we try to cope with increasingly unrealistic expectations, both at school and at work.

Ironically, ChatGPT has arrived like a knight in shining armor for people who need to cheat from time to time. That means pretty much all of us.

For some time now we’ve been frightened of the day when machines would become self-aware. Perhaps we’ve got it wrong. Maybe we should be more alarmed about just how unaware we’ve become.

But perhaps that’s more of a comment about social media.

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