Clubhouse Media Group launches an innovative Creator advisory panel

Clubhouse Media Group

Clubhouse, the growing social media conglomerate that also encompasses a digital studio subsidiary, software division, and an worldwide network of professionally operated content and influencer houses, announced this week its new content Creator advisory panel—a first for the industry.

The seven-member committee will be composed of professionals across various sectors, including peer influencers, Clubhouse executives and staff, medical professionals, education experts, and counseling and human resources professionals.

The participants will be working together to establish the industry’s highest standards for professional and personal growth for all talent collaborating with the publicly traded company, for the social media industry which is loosely supervised both within the industry and without.

As such, this represents something of an innovation in terms of how Creators, presenters and related talent are treated and helped with any life issues.

“Being a trailblazer in a burgeoning industry inevitably comes with learning lessons along the way,” said Chris Young, President of Clubhouse Media Group. “That couldn’t have been more true for us, especially as Clubhouse Media Group scaled to meet the demands of both our brand partners and a huge influx of new Creators wanting to work with us.”

“Our history of investing in Creators makes this a unique business model that works as an incubator for rising talent and an accelerator for Creators with sizable followings,” the Clubhouse president said. “Finding the right balance of personalities and management styles to fit a houseful of Creators can be challenging.”

Young added, “Our industry is moving at breakneck speed, and in our position at the forefront, we will continually look for ways to innovate and course-correct to provide the best for our Clubhouse family of Creators, staff, and partners.”

In the interim, the panel will be led by Arlene Guzman, a trained mental health professional and Clubhouse Media Group’s new Chief of Staff. The panel will work closely to advise Clubhouse Media Group on implementing new protocols and practices that ensure the highest levels of security, safety, and care for influencers in the rapidly developing world of content creation.

By forming this pioneering Creator advisory panel, Clubhouse hopes to elevate professional standards for the company, content Creators, and influencer talent everywhere while responding to lessons learned by the company in its first year of rapid growth.

“I think every creative house needs something like this,” said Clubhouse Media Group Creator Michelle Kennelly. “This system will allow for more effective communication between Clubhouse Media Group and Creators and inserts us in the process so we can voice our concerns, work through issues, and find common ground that benefits Creators and the company, allowing us all to thrive.”  

Clubhouse said it seeks to firmly establish protections, support systems, and growth mechanisms for Creators and influencers, especially those in their mid-late teenage years, so that they may focus on their productions with the same support, wisdom, and growth they would find in their family homes.