Trend Micro, Nvidia Channel AI to Protect Data Centers 

Cybersecurity company, Trend Micro, announced on Sunday during the Computex Conference in Taiwan a collaboration with Nvidia.

Cybersecurity company, Trend Micro, announced on Sunday during the Computex Conference in Taiwan a collaboration with Nvidia to develop AI tools aimed at protecting AI data centers. 

Cybersecurity Tools to Protect Data Centers 

Trend Micro’s cybersecurity tools are designed to run on Nvidia’s chips, to enable the detection of unauthorized access, by also ensuring sensitive data is only available for those who have a prior authorization. 

Nowadays, businesses are increasing their AI systems’ reliance in various fields, such as human resources (HR) and customer services support (CSS) to simplify the achievement of tasks. To implement these systems, companies are required to combine a huge amount of data into centralized centers. However, these centers create attractive targets for cybercriminals, taking advantage of the data and exploiting it. 

Safeguarding AI’s Secrets 

Kevin Simzer, Trend Micro’s Chief Operating Officer, stressed the high risk of such data centers being attacked, and told Reuters, “They work their way into the enterprise, and they find this massive honeypot of information.”  

In addition to identifying hackers, Trend Micro will be focusing on securing the data used to train the AI systems from being potentially breached. For instance, when people interact with chatbots, they might share sensitive information, which can accidentally unveil corporate secrets or customer data, creating significant security risks. 

Simzer further explained this aspect by emphasizing the importance of protecting data, noting, “They’re often narrowing the scope of (a chatbot’s responses) by giving some very, very specific information,” adding that the company will focus on detecting such information and ensuring that they’re only accessible to authorized people and applications. 

Final Thoughts 

The collaboration between Nvidia and Trend Micro at the Computex Conference is a significant step forward in integrating AI into cybersecurity to address concerns related to data security and protection, but shouldn’t this be the norm for all companies that leverage from AI in their operations? 

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