Could COVID-19 technology backfire on us?

Could COVID-19 technology backfire on us

The sudden widespread use of technology as a result of the pandemic may put us in a complicated situation later down the road. Countries with no prior infrastructure for certain technologies have had to adapt over a short time, causing both disruption and advancement. Could COVID-19 technology backfire on us?

Working from home, remote meetings, self-driving vehicles, data driven mass information systems. All of these technologies and much more have made their way into public consciousness and in some countries, into everyday life.

No one can deny the boost it has given to a society’s capabilities and efficiency when coupled with advanced communication technologies. Sudden changes and shifts in behavior like this however may have unforeseen consequences, and undesired results.

Take for example contact and location tracing apps that can reveal a person’s identity such as those used in China and South Korea, and to a lesser extent, in some western countries. These applications would have never been propagated in normal circumstances.

It is known that the pandemic has impacted employment on a scale and to an extent never seen before. Although the problem will most likely improve when things stabilize and a vaccine is created and distributed.

Those who have also been impacted, are the people whose professions were either partially or completely replaced by AI and automation. Technologies do  erase jobs, but can create newer, better ones. In the advent of the pandemic, AI was used to brilliant effect when helping hospitals keep up with overwhelming demands.

Such major advancements cannot be understated, but we must not forget those who are left behind. Without the proper skills to survive in a technologically savvy world. Raj Koneru, CEO/Founder at, offers what could be a viable solution. “We cannot deny that certain jobs will definitely be fully replaced,” Koneru said, “In our view, companies should focus on reskilling their employees rather than replacing them. At times, it helps organizations to discover the hidden talents within the workforce… “

The future will see more of the same, and only time will tell if the employment landscape will change. What is certain is that all governments have big decisions to make in order to avoid a COVID-19 technology backfire that could destabilize nations.

Main source of information: Paul McNeil – TechTalks.