Covid-19 Medical Advisory Clinic to be launched by Doctor Anywhere

Covid-19 Medical Advisory Clinic to be launched by Doctor Anywhere

Medical Advisory Clinic to be launched by telehealth startup, Doctor Anywhere. Partnering with major insurers such as AIG and Cigna Singapore, Doctors Anywhere will offer their services free of charge to their policyholders.

The Medical Advisory Clinic whose headquarters are in Singapore is a full suite service to those living in Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. Users will be able to use the app to get in touch with doctors through video call and get a consultation within 5 minutes. Doctors will inquire about the patients travel history, contact with potential or confirmed cases, as well as symptoms of the sickness to determine the possibility of infection and triage the results.

If the assessment determines a person as non-infected, the patient can be prescribed medication to alleviate symptoms, which will be delivered to the patient’s home. If however a patient is suspected to be infected, the Doctor Anywhere Care Team will walk them through the next steps as well as call an ambulance to take them to the appropriate Covid-19 health center for testing.

Users outside the three countries can also access the Medical Advisory Clinic but it will only include the video call for symptom identification. The doctor can also provide advice and a memo for procuring medication locally.

Physician and Chief Operating Officer of Doctor Anywhere, Dr Kevin Kok, said that given that Covid-19 could potentially be contracted in healthcare facilities themselves, the Medical Advisory Clinic app would be the perfect answer. Doctors can diagnose and treat patients remotely with both parties under quarantine, bypassing the need for clinic visits entirely. Aside from Covid-19 consultations, he added, doctors are also needed to treat other conditions and illnesses through telehealth.

A larger telehealth trend can be seen clearly emerging around the world in a time of self-isolation and quarantine. Governments and private investors are seeing not only the monetary potential but the necessity of such digital transformations. The future prospects for such ventures seem promising.