CW TEC 2020 tackles the future of 5G and edge computing

CW TEC 2020 tackles the future of 5G and edge computing

One cannot muster the acronym 5G without leaving out edge computing, edge cloud, and edge services as a whole.

Usually, data and cloud resources are stored away hundreds of thousands of miles away in data centers scattered all across the world; but with the telecoms rapid technological advancements, this process is able to happen around local data centers, as well as individual servers in the aim to boost its capabilities.

This relative closeness and localization allows the applications we use on the day-to-day to respond drastically quicker and more efficiently. This in and of itself will transform and enhance nearly every aspect of life.

Edge Computing, which promises all the benefits of supercomputing but without the latency, is one such innovation which, especially when combined with its enabling partners 5G, AI and IoT, cannot be ignored.

To better understand this exciting new chapter of telecommunications era, Cambridge Wireless organized a two day webinar called CW Technology & Engineering Conference 2020 which is specifically designed for engineers.

Following on from CWIC 2020: At the Edge, CW TEC 2020 explored the concept of the 5G edge, reviewing the role of edge computing within the broader 5G architecture evolution.

“Consumers no longer notice who, where or what is processing their demands. They just know that their needs are being met more quickly and in a more personalized way than ever before and they hope that it is being done in a secure, sustainable manner,” said Paul Scanlan, CTO Carrier Network Business Unit at Huawei, during his opening statement that kicked off the webinar.

The webinar brought delegates up to speed with the concept of the 5G edge, while exploring what edge brings to infrastructure, and how edge can enable innovative products and services.

The CW International Conference (CWIC) is the flagship event for Cambridge’s world-renowned technology community. It attracts companies from across the world who want to learn from and do business with the UK’s most innovative city.

New products, services, processes and business models are arising in every industry based on this customer demand and the increased availability of rapid-turnaround supercomputing. 

Those who can successfully innovate soonest will thrive. The CW International Conference introduced delegates to cutting-edge use cases from Transport & Logistics, Health & Social Care, the Creative Industries, FinTech, Digital Infrastructure & Smart Cities and Product as a Service to explore.