The Launch of Devices Supporting Wi-Fi7 Has Officially Started

The official commencement of Wi-Fi7 launch impact supported devices has been initiated, as declared by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The official commencement of Wi-Fi7 launch impact supported devices has been initiated, as declared by the Wi-Fi Alliance, which has begun granting official certifications to such devices. The Alliance anticipates that the number of Wi-Fi7-enabled devices will surpass 233 million by the close of 2024. This encompasses a range of gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, routers crucial for connecting to these advanced networks, and various other devices.

As outlined in the Alliance’s press release, Wi-Fi7’s advent is poised to catalyze advancements in diverse fields such as augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D training, electronic gaming, mixed reality, Internet of Things (IoT), and automotive technology, among others. It’s worth noting that certain companies have introduced Wi-Fi7-supporting products without obtaining Alliance licenses, exemplified by Amazon’s launch of the Amazon Eero router and offerings from Netgear and TP-Link.

Wi-Fi7 boasts a 320 MHz channel bandwidth on the 6GHz frequency band, facilitating exceptionally rapid connection speeds. Additionally, it incorporates Multi-Link Operation (MLO) technology, enabling seamless data transmission across multiple bands and channels. This enhances performance, reduces latency, and accommodates a greater number of connected devices simultaneously, even in high-traffic environments.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Wi-Fi7 technology, comprises over 800 members, including hardware and software manufacturers, telecommunications companies, and infrastructure entities. The Alliance’s core mission encompasses ensuring adherence to specified Wi-Fi standards, guaranteeing product compatibility and stability, and actively participating in the development of new standards to enhance overall performance. It serves as the official entity responsible for granting Wi-Fi licenses to companies.

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