Will LinkedIn Become the New Tinder?

LinkedIn is ranking first amongst dating applications in finding ‘true love’. Is this what they call the LinkedIn dating trend?

LinkedIn is ranking first amongst dating applications in finding ‘true love’. Is this what they call the LinkedIn dating trend?

I do understand that it’s 2024 but what is the purpose behind turning a professional working platform to a new season of The Bachelorette? The reasons for finding love and how to find love vary, and you, my dear reader, are already ‘hooked’ by this article so let me tell you why.

LinkedIn Leading

The first reason is that users can display pictures on LinkedIn, giving it a push to become a dating application. This is because pictures of yourself can convey a lot about the person and even yourself.

The amount of information a picture can give you is far more than a short biography caption that is written on their profile.  The difference between dating platforms and Microsoft’s LinkedIn is the fact that people cannot lie about their appearances to recruiters. This gives LinkedIn the advantage over all other platforms because one cannot lie about their appearances, and this allows the other to have this sense of safety and relief.

The second reason is that users are able to boost their caliber of potential partners and their credibility. You might be wondering why, and this is because professional platforms require references from previous employers. This creates a sense of safety or the person looking for potential and it also gives the potential other credibility.

Final Words

LinkedIn has become people’s go-to resource i their endless search for potential love partners. The journey of finding a partner through traditional dating apps or in-person interactions has weakened. This also applies for individuals who are uncomfortable using the platform to approach women has become what we call the norm, and this is causing various issues.

Let us keep using various platforms for that one reason they were made for. Imagine trying to find a job through Tinder. Sounds highly unlikely, right? And you’re absolutely right for thinking like that. Water and oil do not mix and neither does the concept of finding a potential partner on a business social platform such as LinkedIn. The moral of my rant here is to my beloved single individuals out there. Stick to the classic dating platforms such as Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. Let us not mix business with pleasure.

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