Sony Unveils Its New Smart Car

Sony AFEELA: Smart Car Innovation touted as the Japanese giant's inaugural foray into the automotive realm, anticipated market debut in 2025.

Sony has revealed more details about its groundbreaking smart car, AFEELA, touted as the Japanese giant’s inaugural foray into the automotive realm, with an anticipated market debut in 2025.

Unveiled at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, USA, the car captured attention as Sony’s Vice President for smart car development took the stage, steering the car’s prototype with a PlayStation 5 joystick. Equipped with 45 precision sensors strategically positioned both inside and outside the chassis, a collaborative effort with Qualcomm and Honda, the Sony AFEELA: Smart Car Innovation boasts a robust performance featuring 536 horsepower from dual engines and a rapid acceleration, reaching 100 kilometers per hour in an impressive 4.8 seconds.

Despite the omission of specific details regarding price and battery specifications, Sony pledges to finalize these aspects in the next two years ahead of the official launch of the Sony AFEELA: Smart Car Innovation.

Highlighting the interior design during the showcase, Sony showcased an abundance of extended screens on the car’s dashboard and for passengers, emphasizing an elevated entertainment experience, drawing on the company’s extensive content production expertise. Sony promises a gaming experience on par with “PlayStation 5.”

The car’s operating system has been engineered to facilitate Over the Air Updates, enabling feature additions and updates. Moreover, it can store preferences for multiple users, encompassing driving modes, climate control, lighting, seating, and steering wheel adjustments.

Announcing a strategic alliance with Microsoft, Jessica Hawk, Executive Director of Microsoft, disclosed that the car leverages Microsoft’s Azure cloud servers for data analysis from its sensors. This integration harnesses AI features from the cloud service to enhance the user experience within the car.

Anticipated by experts to open avenues for content creators, the Sony car is expected to provide diverse experiences for passengers, including games and other content. Developers could leverage information gathered by the car’s sensors, creating games based on real-time camera data, incorporating digital elements pursued by users, and accumulating points for added engagement.

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