Direct Picture Editing on Microsoft Edge is Coming Soon

Direct Picture Editing on Microsoft Edge

In the near future, users of the direct picture editing on Microsoft Edge might soon be allowed via the right-click menu.

When the most recent Microsoft Edge Canary version becomes available, the functionality will be a downloadable A/B testing option. Leopeva64-2, a Reddit user, shared their use of the feature on the site, demonstrating how it launches a built-in direct picture editing on Microsoft Edge.

The editor resembles the default Photos app in Windows 10 and Windows 11 platforms pretty much overall. According to OnMSFT, it has capabilities including cropping, adjusting, filtering, and marking up in addition to a spot repair tool, brightness and exposure changes, and other features.

Neowin stated that although the functionality is present in the Microsoft Edge Canary edition, it might not activate immediately because of Microsoft’s phased distribution of functionalities.

The editor is one of the contextual tools Microsoft is integrating into its Edge browser to make it easier to use. A games menu, an integrated calculator, a unit converter, and a speed tester are a few other features.

The system power used by inactive browser tabs would probably be reduced if direct picture editing on Microsoft Edge were allowed.

In the 28 days between May 9 and June 6, Microsoft revealed on its Microsoft Edge browser Dev Twitter page that its Sleeping Tabs tool has saved customers 273,000TB of RAM. The company stated that this amounted to almost 40MB of RAM per tab out of the 6 billion tabs evaluated.

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