Disney Reveals HoloTile for VR Users

Disney has created an omnidirectional VR Treadmill called the HoloTile that is used by multiple users,in the virtual reality world.

Disney has created an omnidirectional VR Treadmill called the HoloTile that is used by multiple users.

The HoloTile resembles a carpet from a distance, but it is in fact a sliding floor, that allows several users to navigate the same time in different directions.

From Cartoons to Treadmill’s, What Does Disney Have to Say?

Lanny Smoot, Disney’s current engineer and inventor, revealed the new Disney project from the research and development (R&D) department in a 1m, 16 sec YouTube video. Disney stated that the HoloTile is considered as “the world’s first multi-person, omnidirectional, modular, expandable, treadmill floor.”

The HoloTile experience is distinct from that of the real world. When walking on the HoloTile, you can glide easily from one spot to another without actually moving or colliding with others.

Smoot stated its new technology “will automatically do whatever it needs to have me stay on the floor. And what’s amazing about this is: Multiple people can be on it and all walk independently. They can walk in virtual reality and so many other things.”

In the uncovering video Smoot was shown to be using the QuestPro headset, demonstrating the ability to see what it projected on the screen in the background. Although Disney revealed its latest VR treadmill innovation, Holotile, the technology behind it was not revealed.

Throughout the presentation, Smooth presented various possible uses for the Tile, saying, “Imagine a number of people being in a room being able to be somewhere else collaboratively and moving around doing sightseeing. Imagine theatrical stages that might have these embedded in them so that dancers can do amazing moves. […] There are so many applications for this type of technology. And we don’t know yet where it will be used.”

Every Advantage Brings Disadvantage

The downside to virtual reality is the locomotion which refers to specified movement.  The fact that when you move you might hit an obstacle or you might get a feeling that equivalates to being sick, let’s call it virtual sick.

HoloTile is a great tech idea that was developed into a product. Although Disney’s invention is complex and would not give a solution to being virtually sick but, nevertheless, implementing such technology is still very interesting.

A little heartfelt message to Lanny Smoot, the creation of the HoloTile was done so ‘SMOOTly’.

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