Smart Editing Feature Available on Galaxy S24

At the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, Samsung introduced the Galaxy AI smart assistant, a groundbreaking addition to Galaxy S24 phone series.

At the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, Samsung introduced the Galaxy AI smart assistant, a groundbreaking addition to its latest Galaxy S24 phone series, designed to leverage artificial intelligence for an array of benefits. The Galaxy AI brings forth a set of specialized features within the images app, streamlining professional image editing without the necessity of external editing applications. Alongside enhancing image editing capabilities, this smart assistant aims to elevate overall user experience by facilitating various tasks.

1. Edit Suggestion Feature

The Edit Suggestion feature is a novel addition that harnesses the power of AI on the Galaxy S24 phones. It employs AI analysis of photos and videos to automatically propose suitable adjustments, empowering users to enhance the visual appeal of their images and videos effortlessly. This includes suggestions for eliminating shadows, reflections, or undesired glows from images.

2. Improved Super HDR Feature

Samsung has revamped its Super HDR feature, ensuring that the preview shot accurately mirrors the final result. This enhancement allows users to preview the clarity of photos and videos before capturing them. Moreover, the Super HDR feature extends its utility to camera usage within popular social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. Users can now capture high-quality photos directly through the Instagram app’s camera, eliminating the need to use Samsung’s built-in camera app separately.

3. Generative Editing

Introducing Generative Edit, Samsung introduces a feature that utilizes generative AI to expand and seamlessly fill new parts of photos with backgrounds akin to the image. When users relocate an item within an image, this feature intelligently adjusts the item’s position and fills the vacated space with colors matching the image’s background.

4. Create Slow Motion Videos

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 phones boast the Instant Slow-Mo feature, driven by artificial intelligence. This innovative feature transforms regular videos into slow-motion sequences, even when captured in normal shooting mode. Instant Slow-Mo employs AI to generate additional frames based on video movements, effectively slowing down fast-paced moments.

The Galaxy AI smart assistant represents a significant leap in integrating AI capabilities into smartphone functionalities, offering users advanced tools for image editing, HDR preview, generative editing, and instant slow-motion video creation. As Samsung continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the Galaxy AI sets a new standard for user-friendly AI applications in the realm of smartphone technology.

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