The Incredible, Life-Saving, Anti-Snoring Pillow

Sleep Technology

A Chinese company, DeRucci, has introduced the world’s first smart and anti-snoring pillow. It monitors snoring to adjust the head position, alleviating snoring through sleep technology.

It’s the perfect alternative to choking your husband. Just kidding!

A Rotating Head Pillow

To function, the pillow needs two things, the app and the remote to move your head to a comfortable position prior to sleeping. It reduces snoring by up to 89%. This pillow was featured at the CES 2024.

“This can affect mood, energy and concentration levels, our relationships, and our ability to stay awake and function during the day. Sleep and health are strongly related, poor sleep can increase the risk of having poor health, and poor health can make it harder to sleep. Common mental health problems like anxiety and depression can often underpin sleep problems,” stated Mental Health Foundation.

China is Sleeping Soundly!

DeRucci is aiming to better sleep health. It was founded in 2004, and since then it has collaborated with international medical organizations and research institutions to deliver effective sleeping products.

“CCTV News reported that more than 300 million people in China have sleep disorders. Therefore, there is considerable sleep tech market demand in China, published Mathieu David- Experton on LinkedIn on April 1 ,2021. He is a China strategic market researcher and management consultant.

But DeRucci is not done yet! The Chinese company is working on a mattress that is characterized by an inner web of 14 million 3D woven strings, called T11 Pro Smart mattress. “This bed is a part of the digital healthcare ecosystem that links to the IoT controller with String Supporter, pressure sensors, smart scale and Anssil Link app. You can even connect your smartwatch. The more devices you use, the more the mattress can adjust and the more insights you can get into your health,” stated CNET.

What a bright future for our sleeping comfort, the price tag is $972, and for the mattress around is $8,327. Will you buy it? Or would you prefer to choke your husband?

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