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E-Invoicing in the Digital Age

Switzerland, February 2022 – One, and possibly the only positive aspect of the COVID 19-pandemic is, that it highlights the critical need for digitization. It shows that digital transformation is no longer an option, it is an imperative. The growing volumes of electronic
invoices are rapidly changing and challenging the market and require that businesses and organizations take proactive actions toward digitization.
The E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Americas is the only forum dedicated to E-Invoicing in the
Americas. The conference will be held in Miami from May 9 to 11, 2022. During the conference,
a great variety of presentations, user case studies, roundtables and panel discussions will
address the key challenges of the industry when it comes to driving the digital transformation.

Key Topics to be covered
  • E-Invoicing as Leverage for a Digital Strategy: Global Best Practices
  • An E-Invoice Exchange Framework for the U.S. – Moving from Concept to Pilot: Update from
    the Business Payments Coalition
  • E-Invoicing and Continuous Transaction Controls in the Digital Age
  • Global Developments in Peppol
  • The New Frontier: E-Invoicing in Transnational Operations
  • Global Interoperability Framework – Collaboration in the Connected World
  • Effective AP Automation with RPA and AI: How and When

On Monday, May 9, all participants are invited to join two workshops: First, the E-Invoice
Exchange Market Pilot Work Group of the Business Payments Coalition will discuss the next
steps for an E-Invoice Exchange Framework for the United States and second, the OpenPeppol Workshop will focus on the implementation of Peppol in the Americas. The conference itself will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 10 and 11, 2022.

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