“MyMonty” aiming to become the largest digital bank in the world

Mountasser Hachem

As one of the globally renowned leaders in Value-Added Services (VAS) and technological solutions, Monty Mobile is expanding its capabilities from Tech to FinTech, with Chairman Mountasser Hachem pursuing new ventures, landing the digital banking solution “MyMonty” which is envisioned to become the largest in the world”.

MyMonty believes in partnerships with banks in order to revolutionize the banking sector and offer the end consumers the ultimate digital banking experience. “Unlike how it is commonly perceived, banks are the first and most strategic partners for FinTech players. It is the banks’ chance now to ride the wave with MyMonty; without a robust and resilient innovative partner, no company can survive” said Hachem.

What could be the main reason stopping some banks from partnering with a global FinTech company? Outsourcing is the reason for the success of the biggest companies worldwide; which is why banks should be following the outsourcing trend to digitize their business model and expand their capabilities.

“Landed already in Europe and UK, MyMonty will be launched in April 2022 in the US and Brazil. It is going to be the largest digital bank in the world. I’m just warming up” added Hachem.
An exclusive interview will be held with Mountasser Hachem, Chairman and Founder of Monty Group.

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