Educational technology bolsters the MedTech industry

Educational technology bolstering medtech industry

Educational technology offers useful tools to promote learning. Even before the pandemic, classrooms and offices adopted digital tools to aid and reinforce their communication. However, in a relatively short period, these technologies have evolved and found greater purpose.

An ILE, or Interactive Learning Environment, is a system built in software, and sometimes with specialized hardware, designed for education for both teachers and students. It can be used for academic, work-related, or informal education and leaning. It takes a social constructivist approach to academics and incorporates many facets of educational technology.

A new ILE has been developed by healthcare marketing communication agency Onyx in collaboration with Animmersion made for healthcare practitioners to continue sharing their knowledge with both colleagues and patients.

The system uses digital technology combined with virtual and augmented reality to provide an immersive and rounded digital experience, to facilitate remote learning.

Additional features of the ILE allow for conference calls and presentations, product demonstration, medical education, direct linking, virtual advisory boards and much more – all centered around the medical industry.

The online communication tool aims to reshape and augment the way healthcare, medtech and pharma professionals communicate between each other on account of Covid-19 and the precautions thereafter.

This allows for greater sharing of knowledge with students, practitioners and researchers in a time where face-to-face conferences are out of the question, and medical progress is needed more than ever, with new communication and educational technology at the forefront.

“The COVID-19 outbreak has had a seismic effect across the communication industry. This is especially true for many of our clients who have lost that face-to-face connection with their customers”, said Onyx Health Managing Director, Karen Winterhalter. “Keeping a business as usual agenda has required the creation of new and innovative ways for our clients to engage effectively with their target audiences”.

“The practical consequences of the lockdown, lack of international travel and the general decline we have seen in the ease of access to customers inspired us to develop ILE new communication solution to overcome these challenges.” Winterhalter affirms.