eSIM STC has launched in Saudi Arabia – a milestone achievement


eSIM STC has launched in Saudi Arabia for the first time.

This is a great step in the transformation of smartphone use, after acquiring international accreditation for the roll out, and marks an essential milestone in Saudi telecom.

The national eSim platform is capable of providing services to all network operators, mobile and virtual, throughout the Kingdom. International mobile network companies can have STC’s service extended to other areas in the Gulf or internationally.

An eSim is a device embedded sim card that eliminates the need for traditional plastic sim cards. This allows subscribers to add or remove operators remotely without the need for buying a new sim card.

Companies like STC that wish to adopt eSim are required to undergo rigorous technical and security audits; the SAS Certification chief among them, an international standard set and sponsored by the GSM Association.

Senior Vice President of Technology and Operation at STC, Haithem Mohammed Al Faraj, has said that he considers the release of eSIM STC as a great step in “achieving the mandate of Saudi Vision 2030” by making eSIM technology local, and pushing the digital transformation further. Despite the challenging SAS certification process, Al-Faraj added, passing it attests to STC’s world-class security and operational standards. eSIM STC has reportedly scored the highest results worldwide, successfully passed the standards placed by the GSMA, and the company now has an exciting outlook into the future of telecom in the Kingdom.

eSim is widely considered the next generation Sim card, meaning that devices of the future, including IoT products will be facilitated by its availability. Other applications such as Artificial intelligence, video surveillance, and connected mobility can also be enabled by eSim. While a precise timeline for roll out and deployment is yet to be announced, passing the SAS Certification marks a proud and exciting moment in STC’s history, as they look forward to the possibilities brought forward by such technology.