Evie A Smart Ring That Monitors Every Phase of Women Lives

The Evie smart ring, a prominent wearable showcased at CES 2024, caters specifically to women's health tech.

The Evie smart ring, a prominent wearable showcased at CES 2024, caters specifically to women’s health tech, emphasizing menstrual cycle and sleep tracking. Developed by Movano Health, it recently won the CES 2024 innovation award. Originally unveiled at CES 2023, it became available for purchase in January 2024. Movano Health CEO, John Mastrototaro, highlighted the ring’s design to address women’s health needs comprehensively.

Displayed again at CES 2024, the Evie ring underwent improvements in analyzing women’s health data. AI-powered, it establishes connections between the menstrual cycle, mood, energy levels, sleep, and activity based on data collected and tracked through the Evie app. For instance, it can detect sleep disruptions during specific menstrual cycle phases, providing relevant alerts.

The Evie ring utilizes AI to identify mood enhancements linked to increased physical activity. Users receive alerts indicating correlations, such as improved mood after surpassing a daily step goal. Women can input period dates and mood details, allowing the app to predict upcoming cycles and ovulation dates. Future plans include enhancing AI features for more comprehensive menstrual cycle and mood-related data.

Beyond menstrual tracking, the ring’s sensors measure biomarkers like resting heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen levels (SpO2), and respiratory rate throughout the day. Sleep monitoring includes indicators like sleep hours, wake times, deep sleep, and light sleep. Similar to smartwatches, it records daily activities, including steps, distance, exercise time, and calories burned, with data accessible through the Evie app.

Currently exclusive to iPhone users on the Apple Store, Movano Health intends to release an Android version in Q2 2024. The app enables users to set sleep, activity, and walking objectives. Additionally, a spot-check feature provides instant access to heart rate and blood oxygen levels. The app delivers a daily summary of all collected data and indicators.

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