Facebook rolls out simplified setting page design

Facebook unveiled on Wednesday its redesigned setting page enabling Android, iOS, mobile web, and FB Lite users to find tools in a simplified way.  

“Whether it’s managing the ads people see, adjusting sharing settings, or curating an audience for posts, people shouldn’t have to think too hard about where to start,” said Facebook in a blog post.  

The Big Tech company revealed that it reduced the number of categories and renamed them. 

Due to the redesign, Facebook now includes six broad categories, account, preferences, audience and visibility, permissions, your information, and community standards and legal policies. 

The company also notified its users that it relocated standalone settings that can be found currently along with related settings.  

“For example, the news feed setting, which previously lived in a smaller category of its own, now lives under Preferences where it is grouped with similar settings,” Facebook explained. 

Additionally, the tech giant enhanced the settings search function making it easier to find in case users don’t know the exact name or location of the setting they are questing.  

Facebook also divided its privacy settings category that was previously combined as a joint bundle. The new redesign includes a shortcut to privacy checkup, at the top of the settings landing page.