Will Google Be the Reason We Sleep with Fishes 

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Just like any normal family the Paxson’s had planned out their day but sadly nothing went accordingly. Mrs. Paxon’s received the horrifying news of the passing away of her beloved husband, Philip Paxon. The family is suing Google for failing to update it’s maps.

A year later, the family of Philip decided to sue Google, claiming he passed away because they failed to update its map. Late Philip drowned after driving off the collapsed bridge in Hickory, North Carolina. The bridge collapsed nine years ago.  


The allegations were being reviewed by Google according to the company’s spokesperson. 

On Tuesday, a lawsuit was filed in civil court in Wake County.  

The family’s lawyers declared in a statement that Philip relied on the use of Google maps because he was not familiar with the roads, thinking it would direct him to his destination safely. To Philips, bad luck on that night, he was driving in the dark and rain. The unexpected twist was that the bridge was nowhere to be seen. Sadly, Philip crashed into Snow Creek and drowned.  

According to the Charlotte Observer, this was due to vandalism barriers that were normally present but weren’t at the time. Alongside Google, three other local companies are being sued because they did not meet the requirements of maintaining the bridge. 

Living in shock, Mrs. Paxon’s is at a loss for words to explain to her two young daughters how they lost their beloved father, Philip. She hasn’t yet comprehended the idea behind the vandalism that happened on the bridge and the fact that those in charge of Google Maps had disregarded the safety factor. A spokesperson for Google told AP News that he sends his deepest condolences to the family, reiterating the goal behind Maps is to provide precise route information. He continued to mention that they are reviewing the lawsuit.  

Your honor, take the wheel!

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